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No Matter What Your Industry, Jet-VIP Has Your Back

The requirements for private air travel might vary significantly between industries. The experts at Jet-VIP are well-versed in arranging private jet charters for the following business types. Since we have an in-depth understanding of your field, we can meet and even exceed your highest expectations.

We take care of a wide range of elements for your trip, such as:

Governments and NGOs

We appreciate the importance of our customers’ time and are prepared to meet their unique travel needs, no matter how complicated they may be. We are here to assist you in planning out your diplomatic and government-related travel itineraries. Time is of the essence when intervening in emergency circumstances or responding to humanitarian disasters, and Jet-VIP provides speedy and flexible private jet charter services for Non-Profits and NGOs.

Aircraft charter is one of the many services we offer to the government, and we’re here to help with whatever project you have in mind. We promise to treat your flights with the utmost confidentiality and safety

We provide trustworthy aircraft charter options for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in urgent situations, such as transporting search-and-rescue personnel or emergency assistance and relief packages.

VIP Groups and Private Jets Air charter services for world leaders, diplomatic missions, and election campaigns are also available.

We take care of a wide range of elements for your trip, such as:

Money and Banking

It’s not easy to make a living in finance, and getting from one place to another on the road for work may be a major pain. Let us take care of the flying arrangements so you can relax and get down to work as soon as you land. Take advantage of the privacy and convenience of flying in your own plane while you conduct business.

The Arts

Whether it’s in the performing arts or the visual and applied arts, we’re well-versed in meeting the needs of film, music, and press teams on short notice, rolling with the punches when necessary, and expertly coordinating the shipment of unique objects. We routinely transport the world’s preeminent art experts to major art shows all across the globe.

Products and Commerce

We are familiar with the logistical and transportation issues that arise in the energy and commodities trading industries, as well as the unique travel requirements of its employees. Commodity hotspots, refineries, mines, factories, exploration locations, and more can all be reached quickly and in style with our specialized air transportation services.

Athletic Leagues and Organizations

Focusing on tasks at hand is essential for athletes on the road. Jet-VIP has extensive experience coordinating private jet flights for customers in the sports business, and as a result, we are well-versed in the unique needs of professional athletes, sports teams, and their management. The world’s leading sports federations, organizations, committees, and sponsors can always count on us to get them to the most important athletic events, which are broadcast live across the world.


Put on a show on your next charter flight for a MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, and events). We have a variety of options to fulfil your needs, no matter how big or little your meeting or event is going to be. If you’re traveling in a large party, you may choose between chartered flights and flights on a specialized private plane.

We prioritize the journey above the destination. Make the airport and the trip itself a part of the product launch or press event by designing a custom experience around your business.

We specialise in:

  • Conferences – Prearranged or impromptu gatherings of entrepreneurs.
  • Conferences & Exhibitions – Safely and comfortably transport your delegates to any conference, expo, or event in the globe.


Jet-VIP has extensive expertise with multi-national corporations in planning successful business trips, including product launches, board meetings, visits to factories, important suppliers, and distribution centres, as well as participation in fairs, seminars, and conferences. Private jets are used to transport executives, staff, and customers. You have complete control over the appearance and feel of your business charter, from branded planes to unmarked planes.

We provide a wide variety of aviation services to help you and your employees reach where you need to go, wherever you need to go in the globe, regardless of the sector in which you operate. In a nutshell, we ensure that your company continues to thrive.

When it comes to corporate travel, we’ll help you locate the perfect aircraft charter option, whether that’s an On Demand private jet or a commercial plane for a big group.

Moving a large group from Point A to Point B might be difficult. If you’re looking for a reliable charter service, we provide a variety of options to get your groups where they need to go.

You can count on us to bring you and your team to whatever event you need us to, be it the introduction of a new product, the introduction of an employee appreciation program, or the arrangement of international business travel.

Theatrical Performances & Musical Productions

Our worldwide service is available around the clock, so no matter what time of day or night you need assistance with your charter flight needs, we will be here to help. This is especially helpful if you are planning a complex multi-city tour or have been entrusted with getting your performers and equipment to a specific location quickly.

Your exceptional performance begins the moment you get on board. We’ll make sure your complicated schedule goes off without a hitch and that your gear arrives at its destination in time for your next show.

We can provide private jet transportation for your VIPs and their staff at a moment’s notice.

Fly with your orchestral instruments to any city in the globe. To guarantee the safe delivery of your most priceless instruments, we provide both group charter flights and specialized freight services.

In the film industry, we guarantee the timely and secure delivery of your cast, crew, and set pieces.

Sporting Events

We provide group charter flights so that your teams may travel together anonymously and enjoy in-flight meals designed in coordination with your dietician. You can choose from a fleet of airplanes, all of which include a VIP layout and extra storage space.

We provide a variety of aircraft charter alternatives to bring you or your party to any athletic event in the globe, be it a tournament, event, or flying a team of athletes. Whatever your needs, we can accommodate you with our fleet of private jets, helicopters, and group charter options. You can bet on being on time and prepared for every match with the help of our team.

We can arrange for regular or charter aircraft to transport your guests and guests of honour.

Our access to a fleet of private planes allows us to transport directors, sponsors, and A-list athletes to international athletic events and transfer deadlines in comfort and luxury

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We know that your flight needs may be different, so we adapt to provide various kinds of services:


Our expert team can find the best available price for your private jet hire on the most suitable private aircraft

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Medical Flights

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Safety in private aviation is our most important concern. Safety has always been the priority of Jet-Vip

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Chartering an empty leg flight is an opportunity to save up to 50% on your private jet flight price

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