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In recent years, the term “empty leg” has become synonymous with last-minute trips because of the growth of social media. But what exactly does an ’empty leg flight’ mean?

There are times when a plane is sent out on an empty leg, or “repositioning flight,” without any people on board. In the private jet charter industry, the term “empty leg” refers to the return or repositioning section of a flight’s itinerary.

Empty planes must move to a new location or return to their home base for the next client flight (just as a taxi would often need to do on the ground). As a result, the flight for repositioning has no passengers.

The Significance of Empty Leg Flights

Considering that private jet charter is an individualized and on-demand travel option, while an aircraft is repositioning, the aircraft operator may not be able to locate a full-price customer who wants a one-way charter to match that precise route and time, on that unique aircraft.

Because they have to move the aircraft anyhow, the operator is usually pleased to provide a large discount on the empty portion of the trip compared to the entire charter fee.

Considering normal market conditions, 10% to 30% of all business aviation aircraft return empty. An airline might elect to sell such flights and monetize them either on an internal charter network or directly to consumers. For empty leg flights, there are no hard and fast rules, but we can often expect a 40% to 70% savings on the initial price.

Empty Leg Flight Costs

Empty leg flights typically come with discounts of up to 50% – 75% off the normal charter price. In order to get an accurate quote, you’ll need to know the route and operator details. If they haven’t been able to sell the flight, operators are typically prepared to offer extremely low fares at the last minute.

So, if you’re willing to be flexible, flying on an empty leg can be an excellent method to save money on private jet travel. You can save money on your vacation by combining an empty leg with airline flights or arranging a private charter.

Catch a Last-Minute Flight Today

If you need to travel somewhere urgently, you might be able to get a huge discount on one of our empty leg flights. To check if there’s a flight available for your route, reach out to us today!

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