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Germany is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life…

Germany is a popular tourist destination because of its central location in Europe. A visit to Germany provides a taste of Europe’s history, nature, art, and culture, as well as its own. With little doubt, it is among the most sought-after destinations in Europe. Germany is a must-visit nation since there are so many things to see and do. With its diverse geography, rich history, and long-standing customs, Germany is a huge nation with an unforgettable experience waiting for anybody who visits, and offers something for everyone!

Gothic architecture and towering skyscrapers are instantly identifiable as hallmarks of German culture. Germany is home to several incredible castles, structures, and tourist destinations.

Germany is much more than just its capital city. There are a number of great places to visit in Germany if you’re looking to get out and see the country, including the Bavarian Alps, the Black Forest, and the Moselle Valley.

Germany’s transportation infrastructure is among the most advanced in the world. It has a wide variety of transportation options, ranging from buses and trams to subways and commuter trains in the suburbs. The Autobahn network connects Germany’s major cities, allowing for rapid and efficient travel (and famously allowing very high speeds in the fast lanes). Car-friendly architecture and parking infrastructures are commonplace in German cities.

The country also offers a vibrant food scene, offering a wide variety of delicacies to indulge in. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good sausage and some excellent beer?

Because the country just has so much to offer, it’s a must-visit destination for anyone!

Jet-VIP to Berlin

Willy Brandt Airport in Berlin-Brandenburg has replaced Tegel and Schönefeld as Berlin’s new international airport, while Schönefeld has technically become the new airport’s Terminal 5. Nearly 18 kilometres from the heart of Berlin, the Berlin Brandenburg airport (or BER) is a hub for international flights.

It’s a short walk from Terminal 1 to T2 – the two terminals are near to one another. Terminal 5 is a long way from the rest of the airport. All three terminals are connected by express buses and an underground rail system, the S-Bahn, making it simple to move from one to the other and to Berlin Central Train Station (Berlin Hauptbahnhof).

Not only is the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) well-connected to the airline route network, but it also boasts its own train station. At the bottom of Terminal 1, passengers may exit their planes and immediately board trains and S-Bahns.

It is possible to go to downtown Berlin through public transportation from Berlin’s airport. In terms of cost and time, they’re about the same as using the train or metro. The night bus can be a lifesaver if you’re running late for your train and couldn’t make it in time. You will probably observe a large number of cabs at the airport after your arrival. Ubers are also available for those who don’t have their own car.

Jet-VIP to Munich

One of Germany’s busiest and most important airports, Franz Josef Strauss International Airport (MUC), is located in Munich and serves as the city’s primary gateway. Star Alliance, Oneworld, and SkyTeam are all based here, as are Lufthansa and Condor, among other carriers.

There are two terminals at Munich Airport. Lufthansa and Munich Airport jointly run Terminal 2, which has been operating at or above its 25 million passenger capacity since 2011.

The airport presently ranks ninth in Europe’s “Top 10” airports with 46.3 million annual passengers.

VIP Lounges are available at the airport if you prefer a more refined and luxurious experience. Numerous amenities, such as excellent snack and dessert buffets, iced beverages, international publications and comfortable recliners, are available in these settings.

If you’re flying out of Munich Airport, you can also use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to get about for free using airport-provided navigation. This service is provided at both terminals.

By way of the S-BHAN, two lines (S1 and S2) connect the airport to the city centre (S8). There are taxi stands for terminals 1 and 2 at Munich Airport, which are located near the exits of the arrivals and departures areas, so getting around is very easy!

Jet-VIP to Frankfurt

Frankfurt Airport serves the city of Frankfurt, which acts as the financial centre of Germany and the European Union. In terms of passenger traffic, it is the busiest airport in Germany and one of the busiest in the entire globe. More than a hundred airlines offer scheduled, charter, and cargo service from the airport, making it one of the busiest in the country for international travel. From Frankfurt, nearly all of the world’s most important commercial and urban centres can be accessed directly.

Over 65 million people walk through its doors every year. Frankfurt’s city centre is 13 kilometres (8 miles) away from the airport.

Customers at Frankfurt Airport can enjoy a wide range of health and wellness-related services and amenities.

Transfers are easy at this airport. Several bus lines service Frankfurt Airport. Terminal 1 is the best place to catch most buses.

The Frankfurt Airport Railway Station provides connection to local, regional, and international train lines. Downtown Offenbach can be reached via train from Hanau or Offenbach Ost on the S8 or S9. In approximately 11 minutes, it’s possible to travel to the city centre by using one of these trains. Taxis can be hailed 24/7 at the taxi stands outside both terminals.

Jet-VIP to Cologne

Cologne/Bonn Airport (Konrad-Adenauer-Flughafen or Flughafen Köln-Wahn) is an international airport near Porz, Cologne, Germany, surrounded by the Wahner Heide natural reserve. Located in the Cologne/Bonn Region, the airport is just 14.8 kilometres southeast of Cologne and 16 kilometres northeast of Bonn.

The airport, which serves the cities of Cologne and Bonn, is Germany’s sixth busiest, with an annual passenger volume of over 12 million.

The airport’s amenities offer a broad variety of restaurants and shops for travellers’ convenience. There are a few quick-service restaurants and sit-down restaurants at the Cologne-Bonn Airport. Toys, books, and duty-free shopping can also be found in the area. Several charging outlets and free Wi-Fi are also available throughout the airport.

The new Inter City Express Cologne Frankfurt high-speed train line connects Koln/Bonn Airport to other cities in the vicinity. The Cologne Bonn Airport includes a huge underground station with four platforms situated between the two terminals.

S-Bahn lines S13 and S19 in Cologne and Troisdorf provide direct access to the airport. On weekdays, trains travel to Frankfurt every 20 minutes. In addition, a number of high-speed rail lines (ICE) connect the airport to numerous German cities.

Both terminals have taxis readily available outside of them, and it takes roughly 15 minutes to go to Cologne from here. Transfers from this airport are quick and easy!

Jet-VIP to Hamburg

Hamburg Airport Helmut Schmidt is the international gateway to Hamburg and one of Germany’s busiest airports, operated by FHA Flughafen Hamburg GmbH. It is situated 8.5 km (5.3 mi) north of the city centre. Over 35 airlines use the airport to fly passengers and cargo domestically, regionally, and internationally.

In terms of passenger volume, it is Germany’s 5th busiest airport. More than 16 million passengers and 160,000 flights were handled by the airport in 2016.

T1 and T2, the airport’s two main terminals, can accommodate 15 million people a year between them.

The airport also offers a wide array of amenities such as prayer rooms, duty-free shops, free Wi-Fi and charging stations, as well as ATMs and currency exchange counters.

From Hamburg Airport, there are a number of available options for transportation into the city centre.

There are various public transportation bus routes that serve the region. It’s also possible to reach Hamburg’s city centre in just 20 minutes via a taxi.

Both lifts and escalators are available at the S-Bahn Station in front of Hamburg Airport’s terminals. The S1 line of the S-Bahn (suburban train) takes just 10 minutes to reach the city centre.

Jet-VIP to Sylt

Sylt Airport (GWT) is a German airport located on the island of Sylt in the Westerland area. Sylt is a German island located in the North Sea and is part of the Frisian Islands. Westerland is about 2 kilometres from Sylt Airport.

Sandy beaches and mild winters are two of Sylt’s biggest draws for tourists.

There are two terminals and two runways at the airport. The airport currently has a capacity of 300,000 passengers each year, many of whom are looking to escape the winter blues.

There are just a few airlines that fly in and out of this renowned tourist hotspot. There are a lot more flights in the peak summer and winter months.

Sylt has limited train service due to its secluded position on the island. To get to the airport from Westerland (Sylt), you can take IC or EC trains. Shuttle services to and from GWT are available at many hotels, though. At the airport, several tour organisations have their own buses ready to greet their guests and transport them to their destinations.

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