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Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life. …

Italy is a country that earns a top spot on many travel bucket lists, and that too for good reason. Because of its distinctive shape, which resembles a kicking boot, it is easily identifiable on maps and even from space. And the country is just as unique and exciting as its shape. Be it great food, stunning beaches, or exquisite architecture, this South-European country has it all. For those who love breath-taking coastlines and stunning beach views, Italy is the place to be. About 248 beaches have been given the Blue Flag certification for their clear emerald seas and pristine sands, making them one of the world’s most beautiful destinations with a coastline that stretches for hundreds of miles.

The country also offers a warm welcome to those who have a refined palate. Italian cuisine is regarded as among the world’s best and is sure to impress everyone indulging in it. With so many beautiful places to visit, and so much to see and appreciate, it’s difficult to figure out what to do and where to start. A country of opera, unique hand gestures, high-end clothing, spaghetti and pizza is what Italy is, and it’s sure to win every visitor’s heart. Many of Italy’s cities have a magical quality to them, and it’s easy to see why. It doesn’t matter whatever city in Italy you choose to visit; you’ll find amazing street art and magnificent architecture in every single one of them.

Jet-VIP to Rome

Rome Ciampino Airport serves the Italian metropolis of Rome and is owned and operated by Aeroporti di Roma SpA. Ciampino Airport, which opened in 1916 and handles most of the low-cost European flights into Rome, is one of Italy’s busiest, with approximately six million people passing through each year. It is one of Europe’s oldest airports, and until the completion of Leonardo da Vinci Airport in Fiumicino, Ciampino was Rome’s main international gateway. Low-cost airlines like EasyJet, Wizz Air, and Ryanair often use the airport, which is only a few miles from the city centre. Ciampino is only 12 kilometres (8 miles) from Rome’s city centre and is easily accessible by driving via the city’s major ring road. If you’re willing to go by bus, Ciampino’s connections to the city centre are reasonably priced and accessible. The airport also boasts a decent set of facilities. Travellers can benefit from free unlimited Wi-Fi and multiple currency exchange counters. These places also have ATMs that serve euros, making it easy to get a hold of the local currency. For guests arriving at CIA Airport, there are four parking lots to select from, with choices including short-stay, long-stay, and express parking for drop-off and pickup.

Jet-VIP to Florence

Amerigo Vespucci Airport is the official name of Florence, Italy’s airport, which is known as Aeroporto di Firenze-Peretola in Italian.

A 4-kilometre drive from the city centre, the airport can be found in the city’s northern western outskirts. In order to get to the airport from the city of Florence, one must drive via Viale Guidoni until they reach the “Firenze Nord/Firenze Mare” expressway (A1 and A11).

The airport is a convenient option for passengers who begin their holiday elsewhere in Europe since it serves as a hub for flights from Italy and the rest of the continent. A number of renovations and expansions have made the Florence Airport the second most significant airport in Tuscany, after Pisa International. The airport has a decent number of essential facilities for the average traveller. Both of the arrivals hall’s cafeterias and counter-serve restaurants provide traditional Italian food.

There’s also a cafeteria-style eatery and a wine bar after security. In addition to a convenience store providing snacks, travel gear, and other last-minute items, there are two tiny duty-free shops. Free Wi-Fi and power outlets in the gate waiting rooms are also available throughout the airport for travellers’ convenience.

Jet-VIP to Milan

Milan Linate is part of the Milan Airports System, which also includes the Malpensa and Bergamo airports. Most of the flights that land at Milan Linate Airport (LIN) originate in Italy. It is one of three airports that connect Milan to the rest of the world and is second in size only to Malpensa Airport.

Milan Linate Airport is often regarded as the city’s primary international gateway. It is a large, functional airport that is located just 8 kilometres from the city centre, making it incredibly easy to get to the city’s main attractions via public transportation.

More than nine million people use Milan Linate Airport each year, with the majority of them travelling within Italy on Alitalia flights. Business travellers like this route because of the ease with which they can get into the city from this nearby airport. In addition to Alitalia, the airport is home to over a dozen other carriers. Linate Airport is a hub for flights to locations all throughout Europe.

The Linate airport offers many ways to get to central Milan, including private transfers, plenty of buses, and taxis, and is a great airport for short-haul and domestic flights.

Jet-VIP to Venice

Located around 5 miles (8 kilometres) north of the city of Venice, the Marco Polo Airport is a popular destination for tourists. If you’re driving, it will take you around 13 kilometres to get there. It serves as the city’s primary international airport and is Italy’s 4th busiest airport overall. Marco Polo Airport is a lot closer to Venice than Treviso Airport, and it’s much easier to get to and from. In fact, 90% of Venice-bound planes use this airport.

Venice can easily be accessed by public transportation, taxi, or water taxi from the Marco Polo Airport. Venice’s Marco Polo Airport and the city centre are served by Bus No. 5. (Piazzale Roma). However, the ATVO bus, which goes significantly faster but costs the same, is available as well. Because the bus only has two stops, ATVO’s buses go from Venice Marco Polo Airport to Piazzale Roma in about 20 minutes. Every 30 minutes, the blue buses are on the road.

Marco Polo International Airport and Piazza San Marco are connected by water buses (vaporettos) that run throughout the day, starting early in the morning until well into the evening. Larger groups of travellers can also benefit from a water bus!

Jet-VIP to Olbia, Sardinia

Olbia, Sardinia’s most popular tourist destination, is served by the Costa Smeralda Airport. Olbia is one of Sardinia’s three international airports and a handy entry to the island’s north-eastern region. It is located close outside the city of Olbia, in the southern part of the region.

Costa Smeralda Airport is also well-served by flights to and from the rest of Italy, as well as other parts of Europe and the United Kingdom. However, for most of the year, the airport is mostly used for seasonal flights to and from European locations and is the major base for Air Italy. A total of 2,700,000 people travel through the airport each year. Public and private transportation alternatives are available to and from the airport.

It is possible to get to Olbia Airport through local buses 2 and 10 from the city centre, which is about a 4-kilometre drive away. If you’d rather avoid the chaos of a crowded bus or train, it’s also possible to hire a taxi. A private, door-to-door shuttle from Olbia Airport to the hotel is another option for getting about Sardinia. Currency exchange is simple at Olbia Airport, and there are several ATMs, and free Wi-Fi hotspots can be found throughout the terminal.

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