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Repatriation Flights by JETVIP

Whether you’re on a cruise, a city tour, or a ski vacation, a medical emergency may happen at any time, anywhere. Having an accident or being unwell while on vacation may suddenly become life-threatening. Most patients prefer to return to their native countries as soon as possible after receiving initial treatment, and that’s where repatriation flights can come in handy.

JETVIP understands that a medical emergency or any other type of unforeseen circumstances can take a huge toll on travellers. Therefore, in order to support them during these unfortunate and stressful situations, we have a wide range of repatriation flight solutions to help them get back home.

Repatriation During the Pandemic

Since the emergence of coronavirus, our private jet services have been essential to many of our clients, as we responded fast and supplied dependable flights to repatriate and evacuate persons throughout the world.

As public transportation was curtailed and new limitations on international travel were being implemented, many people turned to private jet charter as one of the only remaining dependable modes of transportation.

When we look back, our ability to react quickly and respond quickly has never been more important. Some customers were able to fly within a few hours after submitting an inquiry. Our ability to offer flights so fast was due to our experience and knowledge, and working together as a team, utilizing our skills across all areas to ensure that we gave the best possible solution.

While it was an extremely stressful and scary moment for many of our clients who needed to return home, we managed to come up with some efficient, dependable, and comprehensive flying options.

Medical Repatriation

Depending on the patient’s health and where they are located, we can supply a private jet or an ambulance aircraft for medical repatriation. Air ambulances are fitted with the most up-to-date medical technology, allowing for the fastest possible on-board medical treatment. Our patients are treated with the utmost care and returned to their home countries in a timely and safe manner.

When it comes to medical repatriations from around the world, our crew has generations of expertise. From the foreign hospital to the nearest airport and from the airport to a hospital or the patient’s home, we organize ground transportation for patients in need of international medical transportation from one location to another. It is even possible for us to keep in touch with international authorities and local medical professionals.

You can focus on becoming better, and we’ll handle the rest.

Reach Out Today

During these trying times, we anticipate that more and more people will turn to private charter as a viable option for their air travel needs. During this period, we will continue to provide dependable, adaptable, and secure private jet solutions that are suited to the needs of our clients, allowing them to book ahead of time without worry.

If you would like to explore your options or find out more about our repatriation flights, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email or phone.

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